Painting My Cancer!

Hello. This is what a friend of mine suggested I do, when confronted with a very rare disease lately. I would just like to take ths opportunity to bring some recognition to a very rare form of cancer. It is called : Carcinoid. Out of 1 million cases a year diagnosed as cancer, only 5 will be this kind. I am not asking for any pity. I am asking for recognition of this " Orphan" disease, and many more like them. I would mostly like to bring some recognition to the people , who have these rare diseases, and to their "Caregivers". Another group who doesn`t get enough attention. Thank You for letting me use this forum. Now: Painting My Cancer

I Call This Painting: Desert Court Yard

I Call This One: Mountain Meadow in Mist
Imagine Putting Cowboys In Here?

I Call This Painting: Vanishing Breed

Artists That Have Inspired Me!

I would like to pay tribute to some of the artists, that have influenced me with their talent and love of life. I am doing the list alphabetically. First, let me introduce you to Bruce Aiken. Bruce lives at the Grand Canyon with his wife and family, since 1973. Bruce works in oils, and acryllics. His majestic paintings of my favorite place on Earth, the Grand Canyon, make this a much see website.
Another Artist I Admire
About a year ago I was wandering the web, when I came upon an art site that caught my immediate attention. The artist`s name is Denton Lund. Denton lives with his wife Sandra in Wyoming. This is definitely a husband and wife team here. Sandra designed his beautiful website. Denton has invented his own process in the way he goes about his art. Let him describe it for you. You won`t be disappointed. Please take a sidetrip to Denton`s gallery.
A Romanticist/Realist Artist I Enjoy
On another gallery searching day, I found an artist that captured my imagination. His name is Philip Sybal. An engaging and well trained artist, Philip paints a sort of romantic/realistic paintings of landscapes. Mostly from his beloved Canada. Don`t take my word for his paintings beauty: Come along this way to Philip`s paintings.
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