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Arizona Artist Specializing In Landscapes!

Capturing the beauty of the Arizona desert, is what Phoenix artist, Jim Spillane does. As a "native" of 38 years in the Valley of The Sun, Jim`s paintings stand out for their colors. The colors of the ever changing desert. The verdant greens of the desert Spring, the hot reds and browns of Summer, Jim has a way of making the viewer "feel" the desert beauty! Although he started with water colors, then oils, Jim`s choice of medium these days is acrylics. They lend themselves well to the style in which he paints. Also, a allergic sensitivity to oils, prompted the move to acrylics. With many fine artists painting and selling in this medium now, the "stigma" of acrylics may be ending. Please take a little tour of my art work. I will do commission work. Please enjoy, and maybe sign my guestbook. Thank- You

" Desert Splendor " 16" by 20"

The painting Desert Splendor above, is representational of my " Late Spring " series. The desert is in maximum bloom. Sahuaros, with their beautiful yellow- white blooms. Ocotillos, with their bright red-orange spires. Creosote, with it`s inconspicuous yellow flowers, all lend color to the Sonoran Desert. Spring, is in my opinion, the most beautiful time in the desert.

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